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Standard Door Size & Height Guide: Door Frame Size

A standard size for doors is a standard size of a door often used in construction or construction projects. The door's size may vary based on the area and the purpose that the construction is intended for, however, there are some dimensions that are widely accepted as the standard.

These dimensions are commonly utilized as a starting point to plan and design doors in a variety of settings that include commercial, residential and industrial structures.

For the United States, the standard door dimension is 80 inches tall and 32-36 inches in width. However, the typical height for doors used for residential purposes is typically 80 inches.

These measurements serve as a reference for architects and builders, however they can be altered to meet the specific needs of the client.

Knowing the standard sizes of doors and their heights is vital in the process of designing and building to make sure that doors are functional accessible and visually appealing.

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What Is Standard Door Size?

Within the United States, two types of door sizes are used to house doorways, both for exterior and interior. The typical door sizes for both exterior and interior doors are as follows:

Exterior Door Standard Size in inches = 80 Inch. (Height) x 42 Inches. (Width)

Interior Door Standard Size in inches = 80 Inch. (Height) x 36 Inches. (Width)

Exterior Door Standard Size in feet = 6 ft 8 In (Height) x 3 ft 6 In (Width)

Interior Door Standard Size in feet = 6 ft 8 In (Height) x 3 ft (Width)

Standard Door Size in Feet

The door size for standard doors is 3 feet by 7 feet in India However, it could differ according to the requirements of the owner. The bathroom and toilet door dimensions is 2'6 7'.

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Standard Size of Door Frame

The typical door size is 6 feet 8 inches that does not include the dimensions of the frame. The dimensions of the frame are generally larger than the opening of the door. The frame's post is the width of between 2 and 4 inches.

the total length of the door frame = Width of the door frame + width of the door + the width of the frame

= 2'' + 36'' + 2''

The width of the door frame is 40"

Similar to height of frame of the door is the height of the door plus the width of the door frame

= 6' 8'' + 2''

The door frame's height is 6 10"

Thus, the dimension of the door frame is 82''x40''.

Standard Door Width

The door's width is not set, and it may vary according to the materials used and the intended use. However, the most widely used normal size for the internal door is 32'' , and the width of the exterior door is 36 inches. The 32 inches wide door is the minimum width by any door that is used for passenger traffic.

There are also narrow width doors on the market, such as 30"' 28'' and doors that are 24 inches wide.

If you opt for 36'' width door, it will be in line to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is very popular for homes that have residents with mobility problems.

Standard Door Height

The door's height ranges between 80'' and 95'' based on the function it is intended to serve. The higher door heights are ideal to create a grand entrance into the hall or the public building entrances.

Within the United States, The standard door's height is approximately 80 feet (6 8 inches or 6 feet).).

In India The door's standard height is 84inches ( 7 feet)

However, the heights of doors may be at 96 inches for customized doors as well as personal preference to have doors that are taller in your the house you live in.

Internal Door Size In the UK

78 18 21'' door sizes are typically used for wardrobes and cabinets.

78 1'' from 24'' from 27'' to 78'' This dimension of door is generally preferred in areas where there is a limited wall space as well as for smaller door fittings.

The dimensions are 78'' by 30''. This is also known as 2'6'' doors and is the most popular size door for England in both Wales.

78 33''. It is the best for wheelchair movement either inside or out. It's also known as 2 9 door size.

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