We are the biggest Russian-speaking content provider in Belgium. We have over 50 000 unique visitors per months that together generate over 600 000 page views.

We offer the following advertising units:

  • A static 228х228 banner in the left pane linking to your site for €83,50 per month or €835,00 per year.
  • A static 466x312 banner in the right pane for €167,00 per month

We accept banners in PNG, unanimated GIF and JPG. If you have trouble creating a banner, send us your artwork and we will do our best to create a banner for you.

We also offer to publish socially relevant announcements, e.g. concert announcements, big disco parties, shop and restaurant openings in the central pane for a one-time fee of €83,50.

We can also collaborate with you on other projects, e.g. online order forms for your products integrated in our site.

We also publish your business information in the List of companies and organizations for €83,50 per year.

Write to Administrator at, or by the means of the
contact form.

All prices include VAT.

Here's a copy of a Google Analytics report: